Focus? Search Is Useless

Am I missing something? Use focus to… ahem…focus on a portion of my library (as the Devs do not support folder browsing)… then perform a search, assuming it will search within my focused portion… but alas no… it searches within the whole library instead.

C’mon guys, if you’re not going to support a folder browsing option at least provide a logical search function. (My)Tags and labels and bookmarks don’t work unless Roon can read them from external Tag editors… love the program but the search facility is Neanderthal…

Look for the filter icon after you focus.

Cheers, Greg

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Try using Focus followed by Filter to improve your slicing and dicing. Search will always search the known universe. It does not search within Focus.


Thanks Geoff

Filter works a treat but ideally I’d still love to be able to tag my files with a custom tag using an external editor and then have that custom tag imported as one of “My Tags” in Roon. I have a ton of DJ music which is best searchable by folders but would be able to use custom tags (typically identifying the path) as an alternative. I know Roon can display the path in track view but when you have 1000s of tracks it’s a PITA to scroll.


DDJ :grinning:

Thanks Greg…works a treat


This was something that I know Roon was considering. I don’t know where it ended up or was tossed out as an idea.

I agree it would be massively useful. Roon won’t bend its development to allow users to leverage their organizational schemes within it – i.e. if you’ve organized your collections via folders you are SOL with Roon – being able to use an external tag editor that can bridge the gap and translate your organizational scheme to something Roon reads would be very helpful.

I really, really wanted this a few years back. Since then, I could not wait, and put in the time to start my organizational scheme within Roon.

But it has still left a bad taste in my mouth given the amount of repeat work I had to do, and the fact that the curating within Roon is not portable out (to another software) in any meaningful way. If you could tag externally and then run batch processes in Roon to implement them Roon-wise, then your work wouldn’t be in the silo of Roon alone.

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Totally agree James - it’s one thing to ignore the wishes of many users for implementing a folder browsing option (as it would somehow “break” Roon and./or its philosophy) but then even worse to allow an option to “search” by tags or labels without actually providing the ability to import custom tags generated externally (Roon itself has stated that it is NOT a metadata editor which we all know after a few minutes trying to edit a few files). I love the program, it is expensive but IMO worth it for the richness it provides. It just needs to sort out the low level stuff which is free (and much much better) in other pieces of kit ie. folder search/browse, the ability to search by artist and/or title etc., the ability to sort search results by clicking the header etc. etc. My DJ collection has been well organised and curated over many many years and I know more or less where the stuff I want to play is by folder but the actual album name?? way!

BTW, living in Saudi ATM I too am a fellow schwarma lover!!


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Excellent, always good to find a like minded lover of the pita sandwich!

What stops you switching to (say) J River, which has a fantastic search facility, tag or folder based? I jumped to Roon because of the Qobuz integration, but if you only want to play your own stuff I’m not quite sure what it offers that other players can’t easily surpass for a lot less money.

Hi Jez

I switched to Roon because of its rich metadata and inter-linking/curation of my music database. It certainly wasn’t because of its search or editing facilities! I’ve used JRiver for years and think it’s an excellent program but it doesn’t offer the same visual experience. The annoying thing is obviously that Roon already has the information at hand but refuses to use it for searching/browsing.


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Yes this is the crux of it relative to Tag capabilities - that and logic to combine Tags flexibly (Boolean; use tags as filters…something like that).

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