Folder View/Folder Tagging

The problem is this, I have a fairly large music collection ripped throughout the years. My ripping methodology has not been consistent, some times I only ripped “the one good number” on a disc, some times I ripped whole CDs. I have used a folder structure for years, some times I just added the numbers I wanted for a special occasion to a folder such as “Bass Test”, “HiFi Summit”, “Party …”, you get the picture.
I understand what Roon is trying to do, but it breaks with an established habit of mine. I have to go back and reference my old folder structure to re-find my old tracks and then re-add them to playlists etc. In short, a hassle. When loading and tagging a disk-nased track database, could you please add the folder location track, that would ease the transition from folder-based to tag-based a lot.
Regards John