Fonts and Colors

Is there any way to change the font sizes and colors for people with low vision?

I use a mac, and invert colors a lot to help me see better, but the larger text setting on the mac cuts off the bottom of the roon interface, I would be nice to be able to enlarge the fonts
inside of roon, it would also be nice to be able to change the color scheme of the buttons

for example, the play now button is a light color with white letters, very hard for a low vision
person to see.

This would be an extremely welcome option. I use the dark theme and all of the blue fonts//hyperlinks/genre buttons are very hard for me to read.

there have been more request about customizing fonts and colours for people with lower vision but like this request all with no response. No one seems to recognize the problem or no one seems to care.

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We are working to meet contrast standards of:

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“Theme – these are very expensive to implement… we have a dark and light theme… it’s not going to grow past that” - Danny

I noticed you said this is a previous post and I am confused why you would take on such a huge task for a small amount of your user base when feature requests like mobile sync are on the table?


Because we are improving the current themes. It’s not as much work.

Well too bad it didn’t work out for the light theme in the latest release. Does anybody care about the light theme at all.

I wholehardedly agree that the light blue hyperlinks are almost impossible to read. I do NOT have compromised vision, either. How about navy blue or dark red. This does not need to be complcated. I will guess that a LOT of users are having issues. Change a few lines of CSS and make your app more user friendly!

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…give the user a colour picker so they can select whatever colour they want/need.

Even better!
I would be happy with preselected colors that contrast nicely with the mostly grey background.
Making the background a solid color would help even more. The embedded images may represent the coolest latest trends but I value readability over coolness.

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