For jazz lovers soon


I hope that the site will one day be integrated into Roon. These are, like Idagio, small players who deserve better visibility

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How much inventory do they have that is not on Qobuz? I used to go to 7digital for some non-Bandcamp small label or self-published jazz releases, but now Qobuz has a lot more of those, and I’ve not bought anything from 7digital in a long while.

We don’t have qobuz in Canada. That’s why I subscribe to Idagio for classical music because Tidal and Amazon HD offer a very poor catalog in specialized niches like classical or jazz. I can at least listen to Idagio in 16-24 via Airplay on my NDX2 instead of mp3. That is why I want the arrival of a player specialized in jazz. You can’t count on a company present in only 11 countries including Luxembourg!!!

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