For Radiohead Fans

Just discovered this site, which has a Radiohead Top 20. Like all good music reviews, the text just makes you want to listen to the music. In particular, they highlight something I have felt for a long time, Radiohead certainly know how to close out an album with just the right song:


Great article. The surprising no 1 song (no spoilers here:) on the list is also one of my favorites. It took a cover version with David Bazan to really get into the song. The original is still better. I had a similar experience with Reckoner on In Rainbows after hearing a Gnarls Barkley cover version at a festival. Sometimes it takes a cover to open a song up.
Thanks for the article… Back to listening to Radiohead.

My favorite is #3 on the list. Think their #1 is right up there. #3 is what really got me into Radiohead.

“Everything in its Right Place” is not even on their list. This would be my #2. This song is what got me into higher end headphones. I always go back to it when getting new gear.

One other thing to note is Ok Computer is in 96/24 hires on Qobuz. Thur roon it still says the album is 44/16 but if you click on the Signal Path you can see it’s hires.

My favorite is not on the list, Karma Police.