Force PCM for DSD tracks with Aries and RAAT

I own an AURALiC Aries that is connected via RAAT to Roon on my NAS (Windows 10 VM). That works fine.

Unfortunately Roon sends DSD files always as DSD to my Aries. The problem is that my DAC does not support this and the Aries does not transcode DSD to PCM. I think that Roon can do this. But I do not know how to configure this in the current Roon version.

Hi Kai-Uwe,

In Settings/Audio, click the gear icon next to your DAC.
Under the Playback tab there will be a menu DSD Playback Strategy.
Set it to “Convert to PCM”.

See the Knowledge Base Audio Setup Basics page for screenshots and explanation of options.

Is this still available? I just see this:

Yes, my apologies. That’s what I see with my Aries also.

Looks like the DSD Playback Strategy setting is available for direct connections to a DAC, but unavailable for network endpoints, which may have their own controls.

What happens if you go to Lightning DS, Settings, Aries, Output Channel and turn off DoP ?

DoP is a different topic. This just wraps DSD in a PCM stream but does not transcode PCM to DSD.

Hopefully one of the Roon folks is listening here.

Let’s drop a flag for @brian.

@MacMusic, I think you need to turn OFF DoP support in Lightning DS.

This will cause the Aries to stop reporting “I support DSD” to Roon, which will cause Roon to transcode to PCM instead of sending DSD to the Aries.

Thank you very much for your support. Now it works!

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