Forked forum threads aren't marked as watched?

When I start a thread or post in a thread, the forum marks it as “watched” and I’m alerted when people make new posts and it shows up in my “Unread” section. However, when my reply to another forum is used as the start of another new thread (because a moderator forks it to keep discussion on-topic), I’m not “watching” the new thread and will not be notified of new posts there, even though I’m the “original poster” on that thread.

Can this be fixed?

Hi Mike,

You can alter your notification preference for any particular thread using the drop down box just above “Selected Topics” below. Just change it from Normal to Watched.

You can watch particular categories or users in the cog settings under the avatar menu to the top right.

I don’t know of any way to alter the default to Normal for a forked Watched topic, but I haven’t checked the Discourse forums to see.

I know how to do it myself, but the point is I have to remember to do it manually in this special case, where in other cases when I post to a thread it’s done automatically. When I have to do it myself, I will forget :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking.