Format for Recording date tags

I have read that tags for recording dates can now be used in cases where Roon does not have data. However, how is the supoosed format of these tags? Just a string?
When manually editing in Roon each date is composed of separate fields for dd/mm/yyyy.
Any more details please?

Alternate spelling: PERFORMANCEDATE
Alternate spelling: RECORDING DATE
Alternate spelling: PERFORMANCE DATE
Alternate spelling: RECORDING START DATE
Alternate spelling: PERFORMANCE START DATE
Alternate spelling: RECORDING END DATE
Alternate spelling PERFORMANCE END DATE
Alternate spelling: PERFORMANCEENDDATE

Last time I tried a format with / it expected the US order of mm/dd/yyyy. (It was displaying my dates, but only half of them, and I finally worked out that was why…) I queried this. I suspect that the Roon team is conferring. Please stand by!

I use 4 June 1970 as format because it definitely works and is totally unambiguous at this time.

Awesome feature, no? Totally killer.

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We’ll get back to this thread. However, I would strongly advise against using US date format. Stick to something unambiguous, such as 2017/06/08 or 2017-06-08.


agreed - absolutely great feature.

I played around a little bit and found that it won’t be displayed properly in Roon if you only maintain the performance end date. Can anybody confirm that perform start date needs to be maintained for it to work?

At the moment I only have years in my tags for performed date - I was just curious about the format if I’d wanted to maintain it in more detail.

If you only have one date it should be PERFORMANCEDATE. Is that what you mean?

Just having years is fine, I think.

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[/quote]This would be a good call … see …

you’re right - stupid me.