*Forum Flagging*

Seems there is a serious uptick in post flagging lately. This trend puts our moderators in a very tough spot. It would be far better if forum members only flagged posts when they were out of bounds, offensive, or seriously off topic. Disagreements do happen on these forums, and normally they get worked out without the moderators having to flush the entire thread. Excessive flagging and retaliatory flagging just gum up the works. Food for thought.

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I tend to get flagged for the mention of MQA as if it’s a dirty word and not a thing that exists and can be used in conversation.
This does get annoying but I have to live with it.

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It’s some of your posting in the audiophile humour thread that need flagging… (Earth humour)

And the next thread hijacked by the MQA advertising team
Did this stop, before every single thread in this forum is polluted?

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I’ve found myself flagging some rude posts for the first time. Never a need to be rude.

But not Chris’s MQA posts – the essence of liberal society is tolerance of others’ strange beliefs.

I hope most folks understood where I was going with this. This has been a bigger issue since the imac Catalina upgrade.

It’s unbelievable that I am considered MQA advertising :joy: They don’t need me, that’s for sure.

I must repeat, MQA is a thing along with FLAC, WAV, DSD, MP3 and anything else.
They exist and we can mention them and discuss them. Unless the moderators tell me explicitly that we cannot.
Things pop up where they do in discussion. A bit like if your are have a chat with friends over coffee or a beer.

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