Forum software feature request - board email notifications

Currently the way notification options seem to be setup, allow email notifications for every single reply to a thread, or none at all. Sometimes you want to monitor a thread and get email notifications of new replies, but you don’t need 20 emails if there are 20 new responses.

Can we have an option to allow email notifications of replies, but only for the first reply… until you log in to read that thread. Then you get another notification for new replies that come after you read that thread.

Maybe I haven’t explained well, but sure you know what I mean - pretty much every forum has this option.

Hi Ben,
The site uses Discourse, an open source forum tool. If you can find an existing option for that setting, let me know and I’ll ask the devs about implementing it. If not then a feature request on the Discourse forum might attract support resulting in implementation. Discourse does get updated fairly frequently.