Fostex HP-4A BL and DSD with Linux

I have a Fostex HP-4ABL that has been attached to a windows box using the Fostex ASIO driver and handling DSD “natively”.

I have a linux system I’d like to move that DAC to and use it to drive an amp I have attached, it has a built in DAC, but the Fostex supports more formats.
After moving the Fostex to linux I can now listen to DSD128 natively, I’m assuming because I don’t have a driver to attach DSD256+ to.

Is there a Linux driver I am unable to google and find?
Will I need to install windows and the ASIO driver to get full DSD support?

Really hoping to be missing the linux driver.


If you can recompile the kernel, try adding the USB DAC VID PID to the generic native DSD list for XMOS in quirks.c . Not that there is much chance working, but at least yours (TI USB chip, I believe) is not one that is already known to be incompatible.

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I can recompile a kernel. Haven’t in a while.
I’ll give it a whirl in the coming days.

Thank you.

Anyone wanting to give it a try because they can . . .
Bus 001 Device 006: ID 1019:0013 Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) FOSTEX USB AUDIO HP-A4
Device Descriptor:
idVendor 0x1019 Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS)
idProduct 0x0013

In quirks.c look for this section and add a case for 0x1019 as follows:

/* Mostly generic method to detect many DSD-capable implementations -
 * from XMOS/Thesycon
switch (USB_ID_VENDOR(chip->usb_id)) {
case 0x152a:  /* Thesycon devices */
case 0x20b1:  /* XMOS based devices */
case 0x22d9:  /* Oppo */
case 0x23ba:  /* Playback Designs */
case 0x25ce:  /* Mytek devices */
case 0x278b:  /* Rotel? */
case 0x292b:  /* Gustard/Ess based devices */
case 0x2972:  /* FiiO devices */
case 0x2ab6:  /* T+A devices */
case 0x3353:  /* Khadas devices */
case 0x3842:  /* EVGA */
case 0xc502:  /* HiBy devices */

case 0x1019:  /* Add this line for Fostex and see if it works or not */

	if (fp->dsd_raw)