Found a workaround for android connection problems

When I completed the migration of my roon core to NUC 11 from Synology NAS, I encountered “android connection problems” which was I have never known.
I’m using Samsung Galaxy S21 and LG V40 phones. I found exactly same connection problems on two phones. They never found the roon core when roon remote app was restared.
I solved the problem by setting up both Ethernet and Wifi on the NUC. When I disabled Wifi(Ethernet was still activated), the problem was reproduced 100% but when both are activated, my phone found roon core sucessfully.
My Synolgy Nas has two Ethernet ports. I think that’s why I didn’t encounter the problems.
If you can setup additional Ethernet or Wifi on the roon core, I quite convince that will help.

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I did this for a while, also. However since the update to 1.8 around build 814 or so I have not had to have the WiFi enabled any more for my android devices. I have not had connection issues for a while.