FR: Don’t jump to library settings on start up

Hi Peter (@wklie), I have no library connected to my U1 Mini, as the library is handled by my Zenith.
Still, if I open the app it always jumps to that setting to choose a library. It’s not a big deal, but a bit annoying.
Any chance you could build an option to disable that behaviour?
Thanks for considering.

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I assume you mean you’re using the Zenith as Roon Core, since Lumin app cannot work without a chosen UPnP AV media library. If you’re using Roon, you don’t need to use the Lumin app other than optional one-time setup and firmware upgrade. If you’re using Lumin app for native playback, you have to have a library.

You assume correctly that the Zenith is my Roon Core and the Mini just acts as a Roon endpoint. In that use case I need the LUMIN app just to change settings (e.g. enable/disable volume control for native DSD playback).

But, there’s a third use case. Using the LUMIN App for streaming Tidal and Quobuz only. For that no library needs to be connected to the Mini.

Still, it asks me to connect one every time starting the app. It’s just a “bad” user experience. And could be avoided if the user has the choice to state once somewhere, not to connect a library.

It’s obviously a minor issue, but would help to get closer to the never reachable goal of perfection.

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your great responsiveness. I really appreciate it.

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That’s interesting. As a Roon user, what is the reason of favoring Lumin app over Roon for Tidal / Qobuz?

I’ll ask our decision makers and see what they think.

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Although I have a library I try the LUMIN app or Linn to understand how they work, I’m only on a yearly sub to Roon.

Also my Roon core is on my main desktop and if it’s not turned on I just use an app rather than go and boot the desktop.

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My Digital output of D1 is connected to a Naim DAC and I usually prefer CD version on TIDAL when using Naim DAC. Using Lumin APP I only need to turn off MQA function then APP always get CD version, it is very convenient.

Roon 1.7 also add Streaming Quality options but it is not always working…

Yes, this is indeed a conscious design of Lumin to get the 16/44.1 instead of 24-bit MQA version from Tidal when the Lumin MQA setting is set to Off.

However, I suspect (but cannot confirm and have no proof) if you do that for an MQA album, you may be getting a 16/44.1 conversion from a MQA file, instead of a true CD source. Based on this hypothesis, if you really want the CD version, it’s better to choose the specific Tidal album that is not marked as Master.

It seems to me that the Zenith also supports MinimServer. Perhaps you can just install it and select it from Lumin app.

Alternatively, you may plug an unused USB thumb drive to another Lumin USB port on the U1 MINI. This will create a simple empty library selectable from the Lumin app. Hopefully this also suppresses the prompt.

Thanks you for keeping up with good recommendations. And sorry to create such a fuzz with my request.

My use case is very banal/simple: I do rarely listen to streaming services through the Mini, as I do it via Roon. But I want to be able to do it, mainly to evaluate the SQ of the system and components (e.g. I was thinking about replacing the power supply of the Zenith with a better one and was testing, if the Zenith does alter the SQ of a Quobuz stream). And: I’m glad I have the Lumin as a backup, if the Zenith breaks or is in repair (but the I would attach a library).

But again: It’s really a minor issue.