Frame Rate Stammers

Is Roon locked to 30fps?

When I scroll on my monitor the Roon software is very staggered.
When I scroll on web pages and everything else on my PC I get a nice and smooth experience.

Many of us have higher refresh rate screens and it would be great if Roon would unlocks the frame counter of the software to make it smooth on higher refresh rate screens.



Don’t think so smooth on all my computers windows and Mac. What Res is the screen? Roons UI relies heavily on the GPU as it’s rendered more like a game engine so will tax a GPU if your monitor is 4k plus.

My computer has an Intel i9 10900k, with RTX 3090 graphics card.
The monitor is 144hz.

Plenty of grunt there then. My phone does 90hz and doesn’t stutter on there. Maybe they do lock windows down, best ask @support on this one.

Hey @Paul_Cathcart,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Roon will attempt to run at whatever speed the monitor refreshes. We don’t have smooth scrolling on Windows, so at 144hz, the scroll wheel on the mouse will be jumpy.

Smooth scrolling for Windows is something we can definitely look into implementing, although it hadn’t yet bubbled up to our Product Team as a major feature request. We will take your notes into account, and if you’d like, I can move your post over to #roon:feature-suggestions.

All the best,