Frank Zappa metadata

Not an issue, but a question.
I’ve got almost all FZ discography, with different versions.
But it turns out that many of them are not identified. For some of them the 2012 remaster metadata is not available, for some of them it is, but the 1995 ryko remaster is missing… and so on. for later/early releases, there are the vinyl one, but the CD ones are missing.
It sounds quite … strange. We are not talking about some specific unknown album that has never been reprinted… but major works very well known and documented. On discogs there are dozens of different editions…

Anyone can confirm?

so… no answer at all by the staff?

Not staff, but since no one got back to you, I’ll give an answer.

Roon doesn’t generate metadata, although they will probably look into your complaint. They buy it from the same places that buys from.

Also, if you really want a response from Roon, it’s best to tag @support, which I have done for you.

yes, roon is not responsible for metadata. but without metadata … roon is almost … nothing. i mean that the so called magic of roon is in finding metadata and make correlations between music files through metadata.
so, in the licence prize, there are metadata!
i can understand that … not everything is there in roon database. in particular, it’s quite poor in some local/regional area of music.
but… frank zappa?
as in his discography there are many releases that are quite different, and i have some duplicate entries, i would like to identify them properly…

I have a 90% Zappa collection

Apart from a few I have al metadata in place

Have you tried I’d I get them manually. The problem may be the sheer number of Zappa reissues and not getting an absolute match

Good luck

yes, i’ve tried the manual identification.
but most of the albums do have only the original release (CD and vinyl) and the 1995 ryko remaster.
the 2012 official release remasters are (mostly) completely missing.