(Franz) Joseph Haydn

Just spotted that Joseph Haydn does not link to any bio at all, whereas Franz Joseph Haydn does pull up the great man. Since he is usually referred to as Joseph is it possible to link the two in the Roon database until we’re able to handle these ourselves?

Thank you.


@joel @brian note that Joseph Haydn and Franz Joseph Haydn should be considered the same. There’s a whole Wikipedia entry just about the question of his name: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haydn’s_name

Scholarly opinion is that he should be referred to as Joseph Haydn. He practically never used the Franz. TiVo while not wrong is going against the flow in the decision to go with Franz Joseph.

Roon could improve on TiVo by making the canonical composer to Joseph Haydn without the Franz.

@dpstjp Where are you clicking on his name from? A TIDAL album or somewhere else?

Local files. Bear in mind I posted in April. All may have changed since then and I’m away from my Roon at present so can’t check.

Oh yes! I think that it should will be okay now, but let me know if it isn’t.