"Franz Schubert" compositions are being miss-attributed to "François Schubert"

Content you’re reporting an issue with

This is just an example album. Many are affected from the Piano Sonatas:

To the Symphonies:

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Not initially. I am correcting the mistaken composer attributions as I go along.

Is the album identified in Roon?

Yes. It is the identification that seems to cause the problem.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Definitely from Qobuz. I’m not sure if it is affecting local files also.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

Large numbers of “Franz Schubert” compositions are being miss-attributed to “François Schubert”. I only noticed this after the last update so I assume it is related to this or another recent update. Can @metadata_support address this with some urgency. François Schubert was a very minor composer compared with a major figure like Franz Schubert so this will be causing havoc with any Classical libraries, not just mine.

I first noticed this with the Liszt transcriptions of Franz Schubert songs on the first five tracks of this Qobuz album:

But it is all over the place, affecting, for example, the famous Piano Sonatas. On this Qobuz album of the complete Piano Sonatas, they have all been attributed (by roon) to François Schubert:

Qobuz clearly attributes them to Franz Schubert so there seems to be something going wrong with the name equivalencing by roon:

If I look up François Schubert in roon I can see that large numbers of Otto Deutsche “D” numbers have been attributed to François rather than Franz and that is probably what is at the root of this. This includes, not only the Piano Sonatas:

But even the Symphonies!

When I do a search in roon on the discography of François Schubert I get almost 1,500 Qobuz albums which is just not credible with such a minor composer:

Something seriously broken here!

Wait. You don’t know about Franz’s evil stepbrother François? (His mother was French.)


Thanks for letting us know @tripleCrotchet. Rest assured that this will have NOTHING to do with any recent Roon update: we appear to be getting different metadata from Qobuz to that which they use themselves. (Or perhaps they are using their composition level composer name (not id) on tracks and providing us with erroneous track-level composer credits.) We’ll take a look.

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I tried searching (a definite two step process now backwards, BTW - at least in Safari 17.1 on 13.6.1) for ‘François Schubert’ in Qobuz and got list of Franz Peter Schubert’s compositions. IOW incorrect the other way around.

Same thing with the macOS app (v 7.1.3-b010):

Please tell me that it’s ludicrously absurd to have noticed that the majority of recordings returned in my search feature either French performers, labels or compositions…

Or Qobuz and roon getting the same metadata (using the same data source) but using different rules (or no rules) to interpret it?

I am noticing other anomalies now that I am looking. Not just this case.

For example. As the Qobuz András Schiff Beethoven Piano Sonatas album in my screenshot was the first suspicious François Schubert attribution I added it to my library:

As it turns out the album has other works than Beethoven, including Mozart, Haydn etc. as well as Schubert. So there are other composer miss-attributions besides François Schubert:

How deep does this go?

I have been noticing all sorts of composer and artist miss-attributions and duplications for quite a while. In general I no longer post them as there doesn’t seem to be any point. I just fix them locally in my library as I go along. What has changed and why I have been driven to post this François Schubert case is that I thought I was dealing with single isolated anomalies as I went along whilst adding albums to my library. But there has been a sharp increase in the messages that I receive in recent releases that roon is implementing a new db structure followed by a lengthy analysis where roon is “adding” and “identifying” tracks. So retrospectively roon is looping back through my library and adding miss-attributions I had already fixed and even adding new miss-attributions I did not have before.

I now appear to have literally hundreds of albums in my library where Franz Schubert has been replaced with François Schubert during this restructuring and reanalysis process in recent releases and I am naturally concerned how deep this goes with other composer, artist and composition data points.

In the case of the Qobuz app, note that many of the results are François Chaplin performing Franz Schubert. It is treating François and Schubert as two items to search for. You will find that searching for François Schubert and Schubert François return the same result. I discovered that if you search for "François Schubert" (with quotes), then it will search for matches for the entire phrase within the quotes.

If I view Qobuz albums instead of tracks I just see two (correct) François Schubert compositions regardless if I put first name, last name in quotes or not:

I’ve found the problem. I won’t be looking at this thread again until the problem is fixed.


This is now fixed on our servers, but it might take up to a week for existing library content to be updated.


Thanks very much Joel for your prompt attention. Much appreciated.


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