Free space on the 2 TB SSD disk in the NUC

How much space on the 2 TB ssd disk in NUC10i7FNH with ROCK should I leave blank for fast and uninterrupted disk operation? The plan is to fill the disk to 75 percent full, should we leave more?

Are you referring to the system disk? If so what other use are you referring to?

No, the system SSD disc is of course only for ROCK, I mean the SSD disk that serves to store music

Yes, in principle the discs should never be fully loaded … the question is whether there is a certain need for free space related to the Roon and ROCK installed on the NUC computer

It really depends on the SSD itself, but 25% free space is not needed. Most SSD drives have built in over provisioning anyways. My Samsung has about 10% over provisioning built in. So if you are going to leave extra free space, and extra 5-10% would be the most I would leave. From specs I have seen, if there are any performance issues when the drive gets full, it is mostly for write speeds. Read speeds seem to suffer much less if at all.

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great, more room for music :slight_smile: thanks a lot