Free subscriptions Tidal & Qobuz? But give them them all bank account data

Hi. I recieved an offer for a free 90 days Tidal or Qobuz subscribtion. I only can redeem it if I give my bank accpount data by paying € 0,00. It is stated it will only be charged after the 90 days. Well, let me put it this way. I want to try, but do not want to forget after 90 days to end the subscription and have to pay if I do not want it. I think businesses should offer a free subscription without putting the burdon on the consumer to remember to finish the subscription and handing over thier bank acoounts. Its annoying!

It’s an industry-wide standard practice. You won’t be charged if you cancel. Make a note in your diary/calendar and you won’t forget.


How about addressing it to where it belongs, like directly contacting Tidal and Qobuz, instead of venting here.


How did you trial Roon , same way I believe?

It will be exactly the same if you just went directly to Qobuz or Tidal.
Nobody gives any monthly subscription “trial” to anyone without having some type of payment information whether it be bank account or CC.

I have done this with SiriusXM many times, I just print out the confirmation email with renewal date on it ( when they start charging!) and add to calendar physically and on my phone to remind me to cancel ( if that’s the choice by then).
Nothing new, unusual or even difficult.
IMHO of course :sunglasses: