Friend Setting Up Rock For Me Just A Few Questions


my friend will be setting rock up for me at his place in the next 10 days just a couple of questions.

he will be following the the guide on computer audiophile website,ive noticed with the missing codec you need the the ffmpeg 10bit as well as the ordinary one is this right and do the links contain both?

as my friend is installing rock on my nuc at his house can i just finish adding my harddrive music and free trial[before i come a lifer] at my house will my pc see the rock when i conect the nuc to my network and add the harddrive to the nuc and add roon to my pc as a remote?


there is only one ffmpeg file that is needed…its fairly well explained in the setups and he should be able to do this for you if he can setup the NUC, the codec is easy peasy.

Assuming your hard drive is a USB external unit then yes just plug it in. Rock will need to be told where it is in the remote settings that you do from the Roon Remote once you select the ROCK as the CORE you wish to use - this is done in storage settings.

You might find some of these helpful too

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thank you for your reply this just through me were vova mentions 10bit codec and he mentions to a member to install both?

for me the Roonguide was fine. Never did ‘linux’ before.

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