Frustrating, Mac mini keeps sleeping

Has anybody else had the problem where no matter what settings you set for sleep you Mac goes to sleep at some point? I have set mine for the monitor never to go to sleep, do not allow hard drives to sleep and do not allow sleep when monitor is turned off.

At random intervals I go the the remote Mac and it will not connect. Again the Mac Mini is asleep, sending a wake on Lan command wakes it and it goes right back to sleep. I disabled the infrared port so my Harmony would send out the sleep command when the activity is changed.

I am going to try Caffeine but any suggestions are appreciated. I am running a 2015 Mac Mini with El Capitan.


Never had that when power saving is disabled.

I’d have to check my mac mini at home, but on my Mac Pro, there’s a “Computer Sleep” that can be set to ‘Never’. When thats set the machine never power saves. I’m pretty sure I have my mini set the same way.

I’m using 10.9.5 on the mini and 10.8.5 on the MacPro. Maybe its changed on El Capitan?

Yes the power saver control panel changed sometime over the last few operating systems. There used to be two sliders, one for sleep and one for the monitor. Now there is only one. I have the slider all the way to the right, it still goes to sleep. I disabled the infrared port due the the Harmony remote sending out a command to sleep every time you power the system off or change activities.

I installed caffeine and will see how that works.


Check your security and privacy settings.
And your Desktop and Screen Saver setting.

My Mini was doing this and the fix wasn’t in power saving.

I will, thanks!

Well I wake up this morning and my Mac upstairs won’t connect. Go downstairs and the Mac Mini is flashing the sleep mode on the LED. So much for the power saver settings working. Caffeine did not stop the sleep either.

I reset PRAM this morning. I also disabled the screensaver in display/screensaver, I went to security settings and disabled lock the computer and require password, went to advanced settings and made sure log off user was not checked. My power saver settings are all the way to the right on the slider, I took the check out of allow hard drive to sleep when possible, and unchecked allow computer to sleep when display goes off.

I did notice something interesting, my iMac has two sliders, the Mac Mini has only one, I guess it is basically a laptop to the OS. Odd. Same version of OS X.

Does any body else have any suggestions, this is getting very frustrating. Is apple forcing us to have our computers go to sleep to save energy?

I don’t have any such issues with my Mac Mini.

Mine is a 2012 i7 running El Capitan.

One last question, did you guys all turn off screensaver and password lock on your Macs?

No, I actually have those turned for the user space in which Roon runs.

I had a similar problem. Try:
System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> click the Advanced… button and be sure that the first box is NOT checked.

This was causing me frustration for months…


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Time to re awaken this topic.

I have roon bridge running on a 2012 El Capitain Mac mini. It keeps going to sleep. Roon bridge can’t keep it from sleeping after the set period in the energy savings settings. I have told it not to log out after periods of in activity as well.

I know some of the music collection can be a bit boring and others soporific, but really. Is there anything to be done apart from telling it not to sleep?

I switched to using an iMac i have and no longer have the problem. This is something to do with the minis, I had the same problem. I had to switch to the iMac because I needed to run HQ Player with Roon and do DSD processing. I needed a four core processor and as a side benefit the power settings actually do what you set them to do, unlike the mini.

Hey Tim,

I had this problem lat year and had to visit my own post on CA to remember how I fixed this.

Under the Security & Privacy Settings in your Settings, click on the advanced box and deselect the “Logout After XXXMinutes…” Box.

Your Mini will now not go to sleep.

It will require a password to regain cntrol of the unit but Roon will stay up and Roon Remotes (and other devices) will still be able to access it. This doesn’t change your screensaver and display settings. Your Power Saver options should be set to Never Sleep.

Apple should document this better. Good luck. The Mini is a great Roon core and HQ Player.

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I think I have narrowed it down in my case to the asio drivers that came with my dac. When using the exasound dac via core audio, roon bridge keeps the mini from sleeping and music plays. However when using the asio drivers then the mini goes to sleep at the set time and the music stops. So it would seem that core audio prevents sleeping but the asio driver does not.

What I don’t know is whether this is a driver issue or a Roon’s implementation. I know @Danny has an exasound dac and a Mac, so perhaps he can check it out.

2012 i7 Mac mini with OS X 10.11.5. Exasound e28 DAC with OS X drivers v5.1.6

I have no exasound dac… @brian might

Roon Bridge needs some extra stuff to prevent sleep during playback. We’ll get it taken care of.

Sorry Danny I thought it was you. Now I remember it was Brian. Anyway glad it’s in hand.


Related? sleep issue here. Running Roon headless on Mac Mini with output zone Roon Bridge on Raspberry Pi. All good and unexpected sleep… until the instant that I press pause or otherwise stop playback using a remote client. As soon as pause hits, the mini instantly sleeps. Then the client can’t connect when I want to resume playback. I’m still looking into wake on LAN to solve this.

However, it would be nice if there was at least 1-5 minutes before the machine sleeps. (or maybe whatever the energy saver setting is configured to). Seems like current implementation is some kind of keep-alive to prevent sleep which is treated differently than actual activity on the mini.

@kelly, not related, no, but I would be OK with tacking on a grace period on top of the current behavior before releasing the wake lock. Kind of lame that Apple doesn’t treat us as activity–not sure there is a way for us to get around it.

Hey thanks. Looks like this is now fixed on some level with the latest update. I was able to pause playback and the server didn’t go to sleep immediately. I did not test how long the keep alive lasts. Time will tell if it’s long enough.

I separately set up a wake on lan script found by google search. That method has its own quirks in that it does successfully wake the computer but then it seems that it goes back to sleep fairly quickly if I don’t get right in to roon.