FS: A large quantity of Squeezebox equipment [SOLD]

I have a lot of Squeezebox equipment which I have gathered over the years.
Since moving to an apartment I have rebuilt the multi-room system with Roon and Raspberry Pis and the Squeezebox equipment is gathering dust.
I have two Squeezebox Touches, six Squeezebox Duets and a Squeezebox Radio.
Everything except the Radio was working when last used, the Radio had no display and I cant remember whether it played.
I am going to eBay it all next week unless anyone here wants it. I am in London, UK and I want to get rid of it all, so will not split it. I would rather not send it internationally, using a local courier company is easy.
As I cannot test it and just want to have a clear-out I will accept £160.

Hi Bart - where in London are you?


Kings Cross

I’ll take these at asking Bart - will send you a PM.

These have now gone to a new home, after sitting unused for two years, so that feels good.