FS: AfterDark. Project ClayX GIESEMANN OCXO 10MHz Reference Master Clock and Black Modernize LPS (UK) [SOLD]

Morning All,

Selling my amazing AfterDark OCXO Clock and dedicated LPS; please have a read of the following article if you’re unsure of what a difference it makes.


Looking online, the clock and LPS are currently priced at £1,150 plus shipping plus tax plus faff. Will let them go for £700 (I’ll cover UK based P&P).

Will post photos later, however there’s not a mark on them, will include required cables and everything will be well packed.

Hi, Do you have a Clock spec sheet that comes with the unit?
Also will it include a 75Ohm clock cable, and DC Power cable (i.e. all ready to plug-into an ER and go).
Thanks, Simon


a couple of photos below.

Cables to be included are a kettle lead, a 75Ohm Clock cable and two power connectors (one to the clock and a second as you can power two devices from the LPS).

I also have the original boxes and packaging.

I can’t find (or remember) a spec sheet, however I’ve emailed them; the below maybe helpful?

Phase Noise@ 10Hz -134
Phase Noise@ 1Hz -107

Let me know if you need anything further.

Bump for the sunny weekend!

Delivered today. Inserted and now providing the external clock to my EtherREGEN out-of-the-box.
Some improvements so far within a few hours of being powered up, but I believe these OCXO units like some time to be powered up and settle down.
Very much looking to these improvements.
Many thanks @Simon_Burns