FS: Allo DigiOne plus Nirvana power supply [SOLD]

125 euros, with sd card and Ropieee XL installed, in good condition, purchased in April and May 2020 (Pi3, sd card, black aluminium case, nirvana power supply), shipping within EU included.


Hello Bruno,
I am interested and want to buy it. I live in Brussels (Flagey), I see you are from Belgium as well.

Kind Regards,

Bruno Stevens

Good evening Bruno.

Can you call me at [removed by mods] to arrange the practical details plus tell me if I need to flag the device as sold (meaning you have the firm intention to take it) ?

If you come to my place to test it it’s going to be 115 euros as I kept 10 for shipping.

My address is [removed by mods].

See you, Bruno.

PS I have also a DigiOne Signature + Shanti Power supply. I still listen to it but it has a small connection matter (I shall repair but I am lazy). I can show you if interested.

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Thank you René. As a newbie, it seems I have a problem to create personal messages on this community from my smart phone, or am I just stupid?

Hey @Bruno_Stevens

I upped your member status – you should be OK for PM now.

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