FS: Allo USBridge Volumio & Roon endpoint [SOLD]

(Artferg20) #1

I have an AlloUSBridge for sale, bridge with Sparky board, standard black case, Allo psu pre installed with Volumio. I’ve installed Roon bridge so acts a Roon endpoint too. All boxed & ready to go. £115+ pp

(Tim Chapman) #2

Just a quick couple of questions.

Black case - you mean the aluminium one?

Power supplies?

Thanks in advance.

(Artferg20) #3

Hi Tim,

Comes with the standard plastic case as pictured and Allo switch mode PSU.


(Serdar Dindar) #4

Would offer 80 pound including shipping (the UK).

(Artferg20) #5

It’s now sold

(Rene Bouwmeester) closed #6