FS: Allo USBridge with original packaging

(tboooe) #1

I have an Allo USBridge that I briefly used for testing which I am no longer using. Its been in the box for past few months so I figure I would try and sell it. It comes with the clear case and I have all the original packaging. I am selling because I prefer using a Windows based NUC as my end point.

I paid $149 + $24 shipping. Selling for $110 + shipping.

(Derek Morais) #2

is it in the aluminum case or acrylic? also, just curious since I’m thinking about going NUC down the road, why you prefer the NUC?

(tboooe) #3

It’s the acryt case. I prefer the NUC because I am just more comfortable using Windows.


Still for sale?

(tboooe) #5

Yes it. Merry Xmas to you??? :slight_smile: