FS: Audioquest Blizzard Power Cable

Audioquest Blizzard Power Cable, 2 meter length, 20-amp C-19 connector. DBS battery is fresh. Original box included. Condition 9+/10.

Asking $500. I’ll cover US shipping and paypal fees with full price offer.

Were you the original owner for this with receipt? If you don’t mind what part of the US? is this coming from, shipping cost? What is your reason for selling? I am skeptical on cables but if is a good deal I am willing to give some a try. Any damage to the cable, minor, modest, unidentifiable?

Thank you for responding to me via PM or in post.


I am the original owner with the original box. I do not have the receipt. The cable is in excellent condition with no damage and has been sitting in its box for nearly a year. The photos are of the actual cable. Shipping cost can be negotiated into price but, worst case, would be no more than actual cost. I’m not interested in trying to earn an extra buck on that or Paypal fees. I live in Minnesota.