FS: Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet cable 0.75m (with original box) [SOLD]

Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet Cable 0.75m
Original box
Mint condition

£2.19 + postage (or $3 + postage).

This cable is selling for £90 (> $100) on the usual HiFi websites, so why this price? Well, that’s the price of a perfectly good 0.75m Cat5E patch cable on amazon.co.uk which provides identical ‘musical performance’ as the Audioquest cable. So, seems a fair price for the real-world performance IMHO.

Shipping to anywhere but you’ll be liable for all courier costs, import fees, etc.



Rick at that price I will take it off your hands
If it hasn’t gone already
It’s a perfect length to goi into my Nuc from my non audiophile Netgear switch.

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It’s your Michael.

I will send it special delivery and tracked. Will probably cost about £8. So around £10ish in total.

Rik I thought this was a joke… (And therefore replied as if not a joke)

But I do already have Cinnamon USB cables on this machine.
I will DM you for payment details :see_no_evil::grin:

And if this falls through, happy to step in and pick up this deal.

Simon I have DM’d Rick but it looks like he only comes on once a week

Hi. Sorry, just really busy elsewhere and I’ve not got email notifications enabled.

Michael. I will DM you my bank details.

Incidentally, I can see how people may think I was playing a joke here but I’m not.

I honestly cannot bring myself to charge someone £90+ for a cable that is sonically identical to a £2 cable off Amazon.

I’ve been in and around audiophile kit for 25 years. I had a revelation about 18 months ago when researching how recording studios are engineered (I was looking for inspiration for room treatments). There was a useful article on cabling.

Basically, any cable that has been constructed for studio or gig use is perfect for home use too. So, I got hold of some Kimber cables from end-to-end in my system (at about £2 / m) and the results are perfect.

To think that an ethernet cable can make any difference to perceived sound quality is so vanishingly small its simply non-sensical to pay above the odds.

The only kit that makes a difference to Roon sound quality: speakers, amp, DAC.

I hate to say it but the Roon Nucleus also falls into the camp of dubious claims. But, to be fair, its a solid and well-engineered product and so it should give years of reliability. But it won’t make a smidgen of difference to sound quality.

Anyway, each to their own!

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All good Rick, I was playing along but will happily use it as a good quality cable.
I will send you the money.

The difference it makes is it looks nice :wink:

Is this sale all done?

Yes. All done.

Rik just arrived home from holiday and found it well packaged on the side, many thanks.