FS: AURALiC MERAK 200w Monoblocks - Pair [SOLD]

Pair AURALiC MERAK 200wpc Monoblocks - $1995

The reviews say it all about Xuanqian Wang’s brilliant engineering with his hybrid Class A/D amps. Maybe lesser known, but one of the best. AURALiC is now well known for some of the absolute best streamers and DACs on the market. If you are not familiar with MERAKs, please read a review or two. Originally $5000/pair. Selling for very fair price of $1995, firm, plus shipping from 98225. I will cover paypal fee at asking price. At the time of posting, these are the only MERAKs for sale in the US. I see one pair from Germany at $2900.

Condition, according to the Audiomart rating guidelines is “good” due to a couple of cosmetic issues. though functionally excellent. See photos. Two small flaws, one on a rear corner, one on a front corner. One top surface has a slight rise that doesn’t show in photos. You will only see it if you get the right angle in the right light. Overall, they are very presentable.

I am selling these as my speakers will be very high efficiency full range drivers that do best with low power amps.

Other notes: shipping without power cords as most will use their preferred cables. I will include a couple of standard power cords if needed. Note that XLR connections are required, there are no RCA inputs.

Some reviews:



Technical Specifications:

Type: Solid-state, hybrid class A/class D monoblock power amplifier.
Analogue input: One balanced input via 3-pin XLR connector
Analogue outputs: One Cardas-type speaker outlet.
Power output: 200@ at 8 Ohms, 400W at 4 Ohms; peak current output, >16A (40ms)
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz, ± 0.5dB
Input impedance: 10kOhm
Output impedance: Not Specified.
Noise: <50µV, 20 Hz – 20KHz, A weighted
Distortion: <0.01% THD, <0.01% IM, both from20Hz -20kHz at 1W
Dimensions (HxWxD): 70 x 330 x 330mm.
Weight: 8.5kg per amplifier
$2,499 US, per amplifier
Manufacturer: AURALiC LIMITED

Photos here:

Price reduced to $1800 including shipping ($135) and paypal (~$60).

I need to fund another purchase! Deal may be short-lived if I otherwise raise the funds. Thanks

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Curiosity… what speakers are you getting? And what amplification to go with them?

Thanks for asking!

I have the speakers now: Omega Super Alnico High Output monitors with Rythmik 8" powered woofers in a matching cabinet made by Louis of Omega. Makes for a unified speaker. Monitors are 95db sensitive.

For amps, I have a First Watt F3 and a Pioneer M-22. Both Class A, lower power, 15 and 30 wpc, respectively. The Pioneer was Japanese made in ~1978.

Source is Auralic Vega G2 streamer/DAC that also functions as preamp. It’s too bad that Auralic decided to focus exclusively on digital products. Xuanqian’s amp designs were also way above average. I guess he just needed to focus and it was his streamers and DACs that the market went crazy over.

It is all great, fun stuff! And I love that I was able to have some degree of relationship with all of the designers/engineers of these pieces, except for the Pioneer, of course: Omega, Rythmik, First Watt, Auralic.


Astoundingly beautiful. I didn’t know that you could do those matching subwoofers - that’s a gorgeous set-up, and I bet it’s remarkable. I just missed a First Watt F8, and I’m kicking myself.

I have a pair of Vidar’s which are lovely but I bet that these are nicer; reviews are remarkable. Someone really ought to buy these.

Thanks. I don’t think the custom cabinet he did for me is a general offering. But he does like a challenge and often does, what he calls, “custom shop” pieces.

FW’s come up regularly. Not sure about the F8 in particular. I chose the F3 specifically for its reputation as one of his models closest to “tube sound”.

And the Vidars are nothing to sneeze at I’m sure, though I’ve not heard Shiit amps at all. They do have the reputation of about the best you can get for those prices. Can’t compare these amps though. A pair of Vidars list for $1400. The Meraks listed for $5000.

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