FS: Cambridge Audio R40 Transmission Line Speakers - Russ Andrews Upgraded [SOLD]

These Cambridge Audio R40’s are in excellent condition for their age and have a rare real wood veneer that I have never seen on another pair.

They have been modified over the years. Initially the original poor crossover’s were removed, drivers re-wired with Van Damme OFC Hi-Fi cable, each driver having its own pair of terminals to allow for tri-wiring, tri amping or active crossover setup’s. External Falcon Acoustics super power crossovers were in use for a long while. But finally, the Russ Andrews upgrade was implemented which consists of just two Jantzen Superior Z-caps per speaker (see photos).

The result is Stunning:

The Kef B139 Bass goes extremely low, has a rich fullness and is free from traditional speaker box boominess.

The Kef B110 sounds very natural/lifelike, particularly with vocals and piano.

The Kef T27 is very smooth, accurate and focused (helped by the included BBC LS3/5a felt squares by Falcon Acoustics)

Overall they have a massive soundstage and a very addictive sound quality.

The original Badges are included but I preferred the look without.

The original long hair lambs wool is still present. Many people remove this and ruin the transmission line.

Can demo on collection.

Happy to deliver or meet within 30min drive of Chichester.

Any questions please get in touch.

£525. Offers welcome.

Dropped to £475

Wish I was in the UK or you were in the US…

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Further reduction £445

These speakers are well worth the money. I guess it’s the wrong time of year to sell but I need the space for a new vintage speaker project.

Reduced to £395

Further reduction £325

Oh my gosh I should fly there and take them back on the plane for this price!

Please mark as sold. Thanks