FS: Chord Hugo 2 Premium Leather Van Nuys Case

Chord Hugo 2 Premium Leather Van Nuys Case, Like New.

Chord authorized retailers such as Bloom Audio sell this for $189.: https://bloomaudio.com/collections/…ium-leather-case-high-quality-case-by-vannuys

Selling for $150.

Protect your Chord Hugo 2 from bumps and scratches via mobile audio and portable use with the leather case designed by Van Nuys and Chord Electronics. The Chord Hugo 2 leather case has been carefully designed to complement the Hugo 2 classic look, regardless of finish color.

Designed to complement the award-winning Hugo 2 transportable DAC/headphone amplifier, the Hugo 2 protective leather case offers reliable protection from everyday knocks and bumps. The case has been styled by Chord Electronics and VanNuys Inc. and is exclusively manufactured by VanNuys Inc. in Tokyo.

Luxuriously finished, the Hugo 2 protective leather case offers a snug fit that perfectly cossets Hugo 2’s machined-aluminium casework, offering protection both at home and on the go. The design gives unrestricted access to Hugo 2’s double-ended connectivity suite and newly introduced top-mounted features, which include the device’s control spheres, iconic viewing porthole and the volume control sphere

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