FS: Chord Hugo TT2 - 1 Month Old - Mint - Black - Warranties [SOLD]

So having had some success with the chord TT, i thought i’d try a TT2 in my system, but it just doesn’t fit into my system as I’d hoped it would and I find that I prefer my Metrum Hex.

The chord is gorgeously smooth, with a slightly warm tonality, highly detailed and very musical. If you’re looking to bring a bit of cultured warmth without sluggishness to a solid state system, this may be just the ticket for you! A few adjustable filters let you tweak as well, and the headphone amp is utterly outstanding!

I bought this brand new from Fanthorpes when the prices dropped recently, in fact 18th of September was the date I bought it, so this one should be considered fundamentally “as new”. The current retail price has dropped to £3995, and for a month of use, I think I’m fairly asking £3100 for it. Given the new owner will have the balance of the factory warranty on this, I think that’s pretty good going.

Any questions, just ask

Hi @David_Crosbie1

Just to help others. What region would you be selling this in?

UK Only

UK & Europe

World wide


Hi, would be UK only I’m afraid, I’ve updated the tag to reflect this, thanks

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Still here

Sold and an ad for the Aries now up!

Thanks all