FS: Chromecast's Audio / Video

Am cleaning house after migrating back to Apple/IOS from Google/Android and wanted to give these a new home.

For the uninitiated these can handle 24/96.

2X Chromecast audio with toslink cables and micro usb cables, no longer have the original charges but any 1A usb charger will work.

2X Chromecast (video) might have some micro usb cables, ditto for charges.

Basically just looking to cover packaging and postage, so a padded envelope and whatever it costs to get to you with Canada Post (Am in Ontario).

Happy to split up if you just want one, or a bundle for someone that really needs them. I can’t force someone not to pick these up and sell them on eBay but you’d make the world a little less happy if you did.


Hi I take the 2 audio ones. I’m in the UK. Give me idea of cost and I send you the cash

Many thanks in advance


Ones been spoken for, happy to send the other. Just need an address then will send via Canada Post.

Can send cash to cover packaging/postage to my Monzo (which is still active after leaving the UK).

I’ll let you know an exact figure once I’ve posted it.

Ok I take the remaining one. I have a monza card, so transfer will be easy.