FS: Devialet D120 mint condition & boxed [SOLD]

I’ve just finished my latest Class D Creation and have reluctantly decided to sell my trusty Devialet D120.

The unit is in pristine condition and in box, it just sat a wall for a year faithfully churning out music. It is all in perfect condition, no scratches or dings or swirls. It is in as new as you can get it, running the latest firmware. You will be able to use this machine for the rumoured upcoming return of the Expert D120 > D220 Pro upgrade programme which will net you a very cost effective D220 Pro

…or you might do as I did which is just stay put and enjoy the thing as it is.
Power wise it drives my rather hungry B&W 800D2s with ease. So don’t worry about power.

Fully configurable inputs, also includes a configurable Hi/Lo output MM and Hi/Lo Output MC Phono Stage as well as support for vinyl. The configurator can support some pretty quiet carts now. I have been using a modified Denon DL110.

Additionally has native support for Roon. Roon speaks directly to it. No need for Devialet AIR.

Fully boxed in original packaging and outer packaging sleeve… I also have the tote bag!

The only reason I am selling is because I have built some Class D amps which has led me to start building my next DIY Project based on active DSP integrated speakers.

Welcome to listen/collect – though a bit off the beaten path where my studio lives.

I will ship abroad via courier services but prefer UK purchasers. I can travel within UK if we come to an agreement.

For such a large sum I prefer cash or bank transfer and would much prefer human face to face pickup

Looking for £2400

Photos forthcoming
Please contact me if interested.

This is a photo from today:

and a serial number

and some more with the chromed big knob remote

Great pics, gorgeous space and ROON integration really does transform the Devialet Expert range. Someone is in for a treat!

Good luck with the sale.

This is now sold. Many thanks.
Roon remains, the adventure continues.

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