FS: Digital cable BNC from Moon-Audio [SOLD]

Hi there,

I am selling 2 digital cables with BNC connector from Moon-Audio Silver Dragon:

Silver Dragon Coax Digital Cable

Length: Form Fit (to stack Hugo TT 2 & M Scaler), Downstream Termination Furutech (FP-3-117 (R)) BNC Upstream Termination Furutech (FP-3-117 (R)) BNC

NP is around €400
I am asking €200 plus shipping extra to UK / Europe / US or Australia

Any questions, feel free to ask!

hi there!
still for sale?

Hi. yes the cables are still for sale…

how can i contact you privately? not able to find a message button anywhere here…

Hey @Oren_Toft

You can click @Pablo’s user icon and choose the blue ‘Message’ button to send a private message:

Isn’t there a grace period before a new user can PM?

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Exactly! I dont have the option yet. Thanks though. Pablo contacted me.

Well spotted, thanks @Vincent_Kennedy. I have upped @Oren_Toft’s trust level, so PM’s should work fine now.

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Tnx bud! @RBM


thx for the solution oriented approach.

This forum is just GREAT, many helpful people!!

the product roon is super; just testing the beta; a big step forward.


Hi Oren

perhaps we should move to PM like @rbm mentioned before. i will send you a message over this.

cable is sold.