FS: Fanless NUC running ROCK - Intel NUC i7 - 8th Gen - NUC7i7DNHE [SOLD]

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Thanks Paul. Quite the beast you have there.

So the RTX 2080 fans alone blow pretty hard and loud, if there’s no additional fan helping?

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No problem at all here. It won’t hurt this potential sale at all.

Supercomputer is for something way beyond Roon and ROCK (HQPlayer in my case).

Feel free to ask. Not that I’m any kind of expert (on anything :grin: )


/r/homelab is your friend.

Oh, and sorry about your electricity bill…


Not really, my machine is going to be based on a 65 TDP Ryzen 5. More to come.

I had a dual Xeon motherboard based machine, that was something to be sorry for.:slightly_smiling_face:

@Xekomi - I just looked at your link. Thanks for the heads up.


@Sean2016 -
I’m going to post some more detailed questions about VMs, etc. in Tinkering, but until then I leave you with -

The Ryzen 5 3600 looks interesting. 8/16 at 3.6 to 4.4 Ghz. with a 65W TDP. The price is right, too.

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Nice! I even like the 95W TDP Ryzen 5 3600G. Can still sneak that into a fanless HDPlex case.

GPU built-in. I could use that CPU alone initially and could hold off on the RTX 2080 GPU till a bit later.

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Still available

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Sold elsewhere

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