FS: Fanless Roon Core - Roon Server - sonicTransporter i7 i7700 Kaby [Sold]

Item: sonicTransporter i7 (i7700 Kaby Lake) for Roon DSP - Roon Server - Roon Core - Music Server

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Price: AUD$1500 with free shipping within Australia

Item Condition: Excellent

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info:


Happy to accept reasonable offers.

For those that don’t know, Small Green Computer who make the sonicTransporter are an official Roon partner.

See here: https://roonlabs.com/partners.html

This is an i7 Roon Server in a silent fanless case and you can add your own linear PSU if you like (19V DC) if using this as an endpoint direct to your USB DAC.


This is also listed for sale in Australia on StereoNet where I have 100% seller feedback.

So please have confidence and don’t hesitate to PM me with any questions or a reasonable offer.

Still available and I’ve dropped the price drop to $1600.

Save $600 on the total price shipped from the US.

This fanless i7 Kaby Lake Roon Core is still available.

The sonicT i7 has 2 ethernet ports in bridged mode, so you can connect your ethernet Roon endpoint (microRendu, SMS-200, Pi3 endpoints etc) directly to the sonicT and bypass your switch or router.

There is a massive thread where people have found improvements with the ethernet bridged mode here: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-the-sms-200-and-microrendu/

The sonicT i7 also has a 19Vdc power input, so you can add a linear power supply later if you wish, especially if you want a Roon Core that’s also your endpoint (e.g. direct connection to your USB DAC).

Still available for anyone here in Aus.


Still available for anyone here in Aus.


Still available for anyone here in Aus.


Dropped the price to AUD$1500 with free shipping Australia wide.

Save $700 on the price of a new unit shipped from the US to the Australia

Still available

No longer available