FS: Final Mac mini for ROON [SOLD]

I have decided to sell my final Mac mini (two were sold). $199

Prefer Southeast US.

MGEN2LL/A / Macmini7,1 / A1347

The Mac Mini (Aluminum, Late 2014) - MGEN2LL/A was released in 2014 and features a 2.6 GHz Core i5 processor. Graphics processing is handled by an integrated Iris 5100 graphics card with 1.5GB of VRAM.


The one I bought is working perfectly as a way to control my Nucleus when away from home using Splashtop Personal ($15.99).

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still available

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Bump…for availability

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I bought the first of three Dr. A had for sale. I got it to keep my Nucleus rebooted if necessary and Tidal and Qobuz connected when away from home for weeks at a time to support Roon ARC. It works well for that purpose using Splashtop (US$16 per year). I had to install Amphetamine to keep the Mac Mini from sleeping but that seems to be working well now.

I soon decided I might as well install the full Roon software and set it up as another Roon core. I used HDMI out of the Mac Mini to LG 65OLEDC7P and HDMI to Bose. Out of the box, it worked with Roon, Tidal, and Qobuz. To work with Apple Music, I used an HDMI extractor that I already had.

Thanks Dr. A. All is good.


I am very pleased that you made good and efficient use of the Mac mini and that it brings you enjoyment.


Interested in a trade?

I have an original 10gb click-wheel iPod (with custom case and OE charger and cable) plus the last of the iPod line (with 12 pin charger) that looks small iPhone (except you can’t make calls). Both work perfectly.

Might you trade your last MacMini for these two? Straight up?

Just a thought. I plan to sell these devices, hopefully together, soon.


Thank you very much. You may wish to reach out after your equipment sells

Is it still available and is it set up for roon?
How much are you looking for it

Two of the three have been sold. Am keeping the third

I will close the listing out then as technically all sold.