FS: Gladiator Cables - Copper Silver Harmony Litz

Although I have testet a lot of tips, I have unfortunately found out, that after 2-3 days of wearing them, my ears becomes very dry.

So I have to switch completely to headphones and sell my IEMs and cables. It’s a real shame, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Gladiator Cables - Copper Silver Harmony Litz
• Type 2 Litz 7N OCC Copper & 4N OCC pure silver 19.5 AWG per wire.
• 4 x 19.5 AWG (4 x 1.65mm OD)
• 4-cores, hand braided
• Balanced 4.4mm plug - Elec Audio - Pure copper jack with a CNC aluminium shell for the 4.4mm
• MMCX connector - aluminium shell with a brass alloy pin and gold plated - WM audio.
• Gladiator silver helmet
• 1.2m

New: 330 EURO
FS: 135 EURO + DHL shipment