FS: GoldenEar Triton One.R - Now with Photos! [SOLD]


I am selling our GoldenEar Triton One.R’s. I’ve had them since April 2020, I am the original owner. They are in excellent condition. I have all the original bits and pieces including the boxes.

I purchased a pair of Focal Sopra 2’s so these need to find a new home.

Price (Not including Shipping or PayPal fees):
For Qty 2 GoldenEar Triton One.R’s: $4550 ($6598 new)

Sold For the SuperCenter: $950 ($1699 new) Sold

Shipping info:
Triton One.R = 105 lbs each (there are two boxes of equal weight and dimensions)
Box: 60"L x 16" H x 24"W

Shipping from: 97214

Happy to take feedback if you genuinely think my pricing is insane. There are none available for sale in the US or Canada, and there’s no sales history in the Audiogon Blue Book listing for these speakers.

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Shipping Boxes:


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I own the One.R’s. Do you have replacements for them…? I know that Sandy Gross retired once again.

I bought a pair of Focal Sopra 2. The price was really good, so I decided to swap out the One.R’s.

The One.R’s are so good that at first I didn’t care for the Sopra 2’s. But now after a month or so they are broken in and I really like them. They are very different speakers, so comparisons is difficult. I do miss the One.R’s slam and may need to add a subwoofer.

Now it’s time for the One.R’s to find a new home.

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Focal are great speakers. So glad to hear that you like them. Good luck with your sale of the One.R. Last comment since you do not need me clogging up a sales thread with my questions.

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I’ve updated the pricing separating out the the SuperCenter Reference from the One.R’s.

The SuperCenter Reference Center Channel is sold. I’ve updated the listing.

Hi Vincent,
What amp\receiver are you using to drive the Tritons? They specs make them appear a bit harder to drive than my Zu’s or Vandy’s…not sure my downstairs Anthem 1120 has the chops.

Coincidentally I ran them with an 1120 in our HT. I personally thought they sounded fantastic. Especially with well produced shows like The Expanse and GOT. Running ARC and getting them toed properly made a massive difference.

I ran them Large and used a LFE out per speaker.

Photos added.

Nespresso not included :wink:

These speakers are now sold.


Congratulations. Enjoy your new purchases.

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