FS: Grado GS3000e with Moon Audio Black Dragon 10ft cable 4 pin XLR

Grado GS3000e cocobolo
hard cabled with Moon Audio Black Dragon 10ft 4 pin XLR (done by Grado Labs)

Pretty new, received 21 Dec 2020.
They look new too. Mint condition.
Only the white pizza box has minor wear on the corner edges (came like that, you can see it on the box pic below)

I guess i am just not a Grado sound kind of guy.

I paid USD2205 for this headphone.
Selling for USD1900 nett to me (if using paypal, please add 4.4% paypal international fees).

I will ship using FedEx international priority (from Singapore) which is going to cost me close to USD160.
Other locations, i need to check FedEx rates and see if they’re going to be too excessive (eg some locations in Europe).


Are you upgrading to the 3000x by any chance?

I have the 1000e set now. Beautiful cans but keen to find out more about the 3000x.

Have you compared by any chance?. BTW I lived in Singapore for 9 years in the late 90s Many misspent days in the Adelphi. Very fond memories.

ah yes, i did eventually get the gs3000x.
theyre very good and I am enjoying them more than the E variant. a lot more low end and much more pleasant highs. probably the least “Grado like” sound I’ve heard so far. it still doesn’t do extreme low end as well as other headphones, but is still a good listen nonetheless. X staging and width is better than the E too.

adelphi is a fantastic playground! you should make a trip back one day and relive the memories!

Absolutely. Excellent. I might look at the 3000x at some point. Cheers.

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