FS: Gustard X20u w Full level 1 mod [Sold]

Gustard X20u (with USB), not the Pro version, Black in color. Full, at the time, Level 1 Mod (check Tweakaudio.com Gustard x20) asking $620 (lowered from 699). Dac value with mod apprx $1250.

This Dac is my buddies dac that I modded and wrote about in the Gustard X20u thread (on Head Fi, Audio Circle and Whats Best forums) last April and May. He has moved on to the T+A Dac 8 DSD and asked me to sell his dac.

Full Level 1 Mod completed including WAQuantum Chips and extra damping that Ric discovered improved the sound and I verified. It also has ultra fast, soft recovery. vishay diodes installed. Instead of the clock mod at the dac chips this dac has a very high quality pure silver (Chris VenHaus) coax wire replacing the stock coax. If you like I can perform the clock mod and would only charge parts cost. A Level 1 modded X20u will sound better than a stock X20 pro. Dac is in excellent condition with only a few very small blemishes on the chassis.

For those that don’t know much about this dac, the X20 punches way above it’s price point in sonic terms and build quality. It also takes very well to modifications and those can really jump the SQ up above the stock unit. When I was modding this dac I was comparing it to my personal finished level 1 dac and reported on the differences in the thread I mention above. There really is no comparison to a stock X20 and a level 1 X20, sonically the level 1 is much superior.

I can supply a driver that will allow this dac to upsample to DSD256 and if you have a external DDC such as the singxer SU-1 you could play DSD512, I did 512 with a third party Chinese USB card in my X20u and tapped into the dacs IIS lines. If interested contact me for more information and details.

I added some pictures, I only connected the dac to my Mac Air so could only go up to DSD128.

Inputs: AC set up for US 120V
Coax, BNC, AES and Optical- 16-24 Bit, 44.1-192kHz PCM, DSD DoP 64
USB- 16-32 Bit, 44.1-384 kHz PCM, DSD64-256
IIS- 16-32 Bit, 44.1-384 kHz PCM, DSD64-512

Be well

Price lowered to $620.

I am pretty sure you cannot buy a better sounding/better built dac than this for this amount. This modded X20 will beat a stock X20pro.