FS: Harmony Elite&Charger/Hub&PowerSupply/Cables&Manual [WITHDRAWN]

I am selling my Harmony Elite Remote system — one of my favorite accessories — because of Apple.

Yeah, I am an Apple guy, but system upgrades have locked me out of being able to update the Elite and other Harmony remotes. It is a 32-bit/64-bit incompatibility problem I am told. The Harmony works fine, just not with Apple.

Your non-Apple computer will still allow you to re-program this wonderful device to operate all your components using RF.

If you are familiar with the Harmony system, you know these devices are no longer manufactured, but they are still supported by Logitech. And you know how to program the device.

And, if you already have an Elite, you might consider this for a second system or as a backup for your current remote, the hub or the two power supplies. They ain’t making these anymore.

If you don’t know how to program a Harmony remote, the OE manual will be in the box. Again, if you are running only an Apple computer, don’t buy this from me or anyone else.

I am selling this working Elite remote (see photos below), a working Hub, worts for the remote charger and the Hub power supply, all OE cables plus several IR extender cables, a couple of new-in-package cables, and the user manual. This kit is all you need.

You can see from the photos that the remote and charger and the hub controller w/activities are in working condition. The Elite System is the top of the Harmony line; you will love it, like I do. And, if you are a Harmony Remote person, ask and I will include a couple more non-Elite remotes in the box.

$250. Palpal please. You can pay more for a “renewed” version on e-bay, etc. This one works fine and does not need renewal. If you have access to the Steve Hoffman Forums, check my trading stats and you will find my rating is 100% positive.

I will carefully pack each item in labeled bubble wrap and ship the box on me in the US, via UPS.

PM for questions.

This is a great remote system, good luck with the sale. However, I have a 64-bit Mac with current updates and have no problem making changes to my Harmony system. You just have to use the web app instead of the downloaded app. Also it can be set up and adjusted using an iPad.


Thanks, but according to Harmony, they haveremoved the web app, and I have no idea how to access an app that works on an iPad.

Here’s a link to the iPad app: ‎Harmony® Control on the App Store

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