FS: HD-Plex 300 (black) Linear PSU (as new, barely used) [SOLD]

Recently upgraded to an Antipodes CX server so surplus to requirements.

HD-Plex 300 (black fascia) - for sale @£400 - Inc RMSD
For EU sales postage will be at cost.

In absolutely mint like new condition with full factory packaging.

Technical Specifications

Wattage: 300W (Max300W)


  • Twelve Linear Technology LT3045 chips for two adjustable rails to achieve extremely low noise.
  • Hi-End Audio ELNA Super 10000µf Capacitor, One for Each Rail, Eliminating Phase Distortion
  • High Quality 300W Silent R-Core Transformer provides clean energy
  • High Precision Over-Current Protection and Over Temperature Protection Achieved by LM2904+MCU Control
  • Separated Ground for Each Output Rail
  • EMI/RFI Circuit to Prevent AC Grid Pollution
  • No Humming or Buzz noise for 50Hz and Peak load, 100% Silent
  • High Quality Neutrik XLR Connector for All Outputs
  • Low ripple noise and void of high frequency noise
  • 19V/10A XLR Output Supprt Thin ITX/NUC/Auralic Aries Mini/HDPLEX 4000W DC-ATX Converter
  • 2V/10A XLR Output Support Legacy Wavelet DAC/Qnap Nas/PicoPSU or 12V based CE device.
  • Two independent adjustable output is 3.3V/5V/7.5V/9V/12V/15V and 3AMP MAX. Each rail uses six LT3045 chips. It supports SoTM PCIE USB card/MicroRendu/Upton USB Regen/ PPA (Paul Professional Audio) USB Audio card and Squeezebox.
  • Passive aluminum chassis guarantee absolute silent and stable operation

Chassis Material/Color: Brushed Aluminum/ All Black

Power ON/OFF Switch: Yes (On the Back Plate )

Operating Temperature: -10C - 70C

Safety: Overvoltage Protection(OVP), Undervoltage Protection(UVP), Overcurrent Protection(OCP), Short Circuit Protection


CE/EN60950-1 (TCT1405072566S-1)

RoHS (TCT1405074557R-1)

FCC (TCT1405074391F-1)

EMC (TCT1405073270E-1)

Idle Power Consumption: < 4W

Size:320(L) x 215 (W) x 85 (H) mm

Weight:10kg/22 lbs

Input Voltage: 110V/240V AC (MAX 260V AC)

AC Input Connector: IEC with EMI Filter

DC Output:19V/12V XLR—7.4x5.0mm/5.5x2.5mm/5.5x2.1mm ConnectorDC Output:Two Adjustable XLR—5.5x2.5mm/5.5x2.1mm(For PPA/SOTM Card) Connector.

Key Specification:

HDPLEX High Precision Protection Circuit Explained:

  • HDPLEX 300W Linear Power Supply high precision protection circuit contains TI LM2904 OP AMP and MCU Control Chip with customized program.
  • Over Current Protection Cut-Off Point is 13A for 19V and 12V High Current Rail.
  • Over Current Protection Cut-Off Point is 3.3A for Two Adjustable Rail.
  • Over Temperature Protection Cut-Off Point is set at 80°C Degree.
  • Each Rail is protected separately and will recover in 10s after AC power cord is disconnected.
  • The OVP/UVP/OCP circuit is to prevent external device from damaging HDPLEX 300W Linear PSU by drawing too much power such as short circuit.
  • They also protect your external device from being damaged by HDPLEX 300W Linear PSU.

This is a brand new unit, only been unpacked for testing. It really is minty fresh in every way.
These are very much in demands and nearly always sold-out!

Good afternoon, will you ship to United States?

New user to the Roon forum, will gladly private message if I can find the way!

Hi - Yes i suppose, no problem.

Just sent you PM :slight_smile:

If this falls through I’ll have it.
I’m in the UK