FS: Hegel H200 Integrated Amplifier

Hegel H200 - powerful and clean, it outed a Gato Amp 150 and a Mcintosh MA7200 in my system as just being more neutral, balanced and even handed than either. It sounds classically “hegel”. Somehow smooth, but with no apparent loss of anything across the spectrum. Every other amp i tried sounded edgy and hard in comparison. with 200w into 8 ohms and nearly 400 into 4, it has no lack of power thanks to a massive 1000va transformer. Hugely over specified and very well made, I can’t imagine you’d find a better amp for the money.

£1400 UK sale only im afraid

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Bump for this one

continued bumpage before ebay. This is now boxed up and ready for a new home

Wish I was in the UK, but I’m not. Actually I’ll be in London for a few days next week, but I can’t take it with me.

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