FS: Hegel P20 Pre Amp - black - Mint condition [SOLD]

Selling my Hegel P20 Pre Amp as recently made the change to connect my Directstream DAC directly to the power amps.

Unit is perfect condition. Not a single scratch or blemish. Remote control is in great condition but you can see it’s not brand new. No real scratches or marks on the remote, just looks lived with sort of thing.

I bought it in July 2017 from Igloo Audio.

I have the original box and packaging but I do not have any interconnects that may or may not have come with it.

The P20 cost £2,250. Looking for £1400. I’ll pay PayPal and shipping. UK or Europe only please.

Happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for looking.


PS i don’t have feedback here but I can be found over at ComputerAudiophile / AudiophileStyle where I’m a regular contributor in good standing.

Price drop to £1300

Price drop to £1200

Sold. Thanks for looking.