FS: Hifi Rose Streamer (Black) / Preamp / Dac RS150b - Less than a month old. Free Shipping [CLOSED]

I just received this and due to change in plans I have decided to put it up for sale. The original ad was for an unopened box. I have since opened it (one week ago) and connected it up and tested it with roon and jriver (dlna) packed it up for purchase. It works flawlessly with both and sounds as good as all the reviews state. Please note there is a plastic sheeting that covers the top of the unit from the factory. I did not remove this and therefore the reason you may see imperfections (air bubbles) or reflections/fingerprints/dust that would not be there if it was removed. If you would like to see more pictures just let me know. Remaining warranty (less 3 weeks of my ownership) is transferrable to buyer. It has NOT been registered with Rose.

For those looking at the ad i will assume there is no need to expound on the virtues of this top of the line, all in one. The URL link to the Hifi Rose website will give you all the details and its unique feature set if you need more details.

For those wanting more specifics you can download the user manual here

Additional Information:

Apr 01, 22 6:30am
Price includes CONUS shipping. PP fees, if used, will be responsibility to be paid by buyer Please note, this unit contains the ESS SABRE ES9038PRO Dac version, not the AKM Dac

Please see my usaudiomart ad