FS: HiFiBerry DAC+PRO XLR with Pi3, case and remote ready to go

For sale a new, tested but unused ready assembled Hifiberry DAC+ PRO XLR version already assembled with a Raspberry Pi3 in a dedicated Hifiberry case.
Radio frequency remote control installed and working (Play/Pause/next/previous/volUp/volDown)
Hifiberry OS installed.
WiFi, Bluetooth, Roon, Airplay, SpotifyConnect, Squeezelite and MPD protocols available (what is not needed can be disabled)

Reason for sale: I bought two of these, one for the kitchen and one for my living room but I realized that I need more inputs for the living room setup so I am using a DAC with multiple digital inputs there - so this needs to go.

Will ship worldwide from Romania for 15EUR or less depending on your location.

Price from HifiBerry for all the components is as follows:
DAC+ Pro XLR 49.99EUR
Steel case 19.99EUR
Raspberry Pi3 42EUR (from Amazon.co.uk)
Power source + adapter 10 EUR (I have the power source for the Pi4 plus a microUSB-toUSB-C adaptor.
Remote control+dongle - 13EUR
Total 135EUR
I will include a free 32GB SD card with Hifiberry OS installed.
Just connect to your network, enter your WIFI details and you’re ready to play music.

Happy to answer any questions and send additional pictures, etc
I’m happy to let this entire package Go for 110EUR plus shipping - you save 25 and customs fees which depend on your country.