FS: Holoaudio Spring 3 KTE DAC w/ Preamp (UK) [WITHDRAWN]

Mint condition: boxed and indistinguishable from new. Used lightly for just over 2 months (ordered beginning of August, arrived 23rd November). New this costs €3979 (£3365) plus delivery and whatever duty costs end up being.

This is the highest level of specification for the R2R ladder DAC available, and is about as good as it gets with an exceptional balanced class A pre-amp section (+6db gain). See reviews.

GoldenSound on YT - Holo Spring 3 R2R DAC Review - Punching Up! - YouTube

Audio Science Review (level 2) - Measurements & Preview of Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC / wPreamp (Prototype) | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

Asking 2850 open to offers. Located in West London, boxed and ready to go.

No longer for sale.

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Hi again
Messaged you on ebay.
Have you sold your Spring 3 ?
If not, what’s your best offer so far ?

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Hey Les,

We’re talking through gumtree now but I essentially changed my mind. For some reason I was getting obsessed with selling it. After giving it more thought I decided I’d rather have the DAC than the money hence no longer for sale.

EBay experience was a real let down although it generated lots of good conversations including with other like minded hifi nerds so happy for that bit!


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