FS: HP 260 G3 Mini PC (Perfect ROCK core) [SOLD]

I have for sale a little HP mini PC. It’s an HP 260 G3, very small compact chassis about the same size as a mac mini.

Essentially the same CPU / Chipset / Setup as the basic intel NUC, so:

  • Intel Core i3 7130U (model up from the one in the NUC)
  • 4gb DDR3
  • slot for NVME storage (can include a 128gb Hynix PCIe NVME SSD if you want it for £20 more)

I have been using this as a 100% reliable and faithful Roon ROCK core for almost a year now. It’s worked flawlessly providing music to four zones. CPU barely gets tickled.

I had a chance to upgrade to a machine with space for a built in large capacity drive so I went for it.

£150 or £170 with the NVME SSD

I’ll include postage to the UK

I’m sorry, this sold some time ago. I had forgotten it was here as there had been so little

Settting up rock is an utter piece of piss. I’d imagine anyone could learn to do so even with little previous IT exposure.